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YO4 - Members Stories: All About Ruth!

We are exceptionally fortunate to have the people we do in our community and you can learn more about Ruth in her story below!

Ruth has gone from strength to strength, literally, during her time at YO4. Focusing on the specific aspects of nutrition on her health and performance, juggling finishing a degree (something to do with law... ) and working she gets down to the gym and puts in the work every time!

"YO4 had already been open around a year when I started so I was a little nervous of not knowing anyone - having attended my first class, I realised how wrong I was. Every single person I have met at YO4 is so approachable and friendly. There is no such thing as gym intimidation here, it is quite the opposite. We all cheer each other on and encourage each other to try as hard as we can. That encouragement genuinely makes all the difference and something I think is unique to Crossfit. The community spirit at YO4 has pushed me on days when I didn't feel motivated and I feel very lucky to be part of such a supportive and enthusiastic gym.

Michael and Jenn are exceptional coaches. The workouts they create are always challenging but can be scaled to ensure everyone is able to complete the workout, no matter what fitness level they are at. I suffer with a shoulder injury but this has never stopped me from doing a workout. The coaches change the movements to ensure I can still workout safely and without causing any further injury. Each class is never the same and that adds to the enjoyment for me. As someone who has previously struggled to know what to do when attending a gym on my own and often wasting hours pointlessly doing exercises I'm not sure about, Crossfit is perfect for me as I can just turn up and be told what to do and Michael and Jenn will always make sure my form is correct.

Not only do I feel stronger, I am much happier since joining YO4. YO4 has changed my attitude towards working out, I no longer fear the gym, I look forward to attending the classes and seeing everyone there.

YO4 is not just a gym but a place where I feel welcomed, challenged and supported to always do my best.

Thank you to Michael, Jenn and everyone at Crossfit YO4!"

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