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here to help you get to where you want to be!

personal training, physio and so much more at yo4!

In addition to the classes we have some amazing options for you to work on specifics and get yourself to where you want to be!

Meet the Team here and learn more about what you can do at YO4.

Amelia - Coach & pt

CrossFit to me is about attending more than just a gym.

I began my journey in 2018 and soon realised the value in the environment, the workouts and the people I was surrounding myself with.

Community is a huge part of what we create at YO4, and seeing members leave the gym feeling accomplished, and proud is one of the best things for me personally as a coach.

I’m passionate about fitness being more than just something to “get in shape”, and aside from all the health benefits it can bring, there’s so much to be gained.

I’m excited to bring this to life and help people reach their goals, whatever they may be ... and we’ll have so much fun doing it!


Alongside coaching CrossFit classes I work with clients to supplement their health and lifestyle goals, working on building baseline fitness and confidence in a gym environment, learning new skills and developing strength and body awareness.


I'm passionate about empowering my clients to reach their potential, working with clients on their specific goals and providing guidance to help them achieve health and lifestyle benefits both inside and outside of the gym.


It's important to me that your time in the gym is one of the best parts of your day, so alongside working on your strength and fitness goals, I strive to ensure that sessions are engaging and fun, and that's where I see the best results!  

personal training with amelia

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James - coach & pt

When I found CrossFit in 2017 it seemed unreal! A sport that literally incorporates everything you can think of into one place! I loved this and I was desperate to try it. Now training and coaching at YO4 full time gives me the opportunity to chase my own personal goals and help so many others with their goals too!

I am a Crossfit Coach that puts movement first. My main goal is to help everyone have fun and move well with efficient biomechanics to optimise their safety, health and performance on the gym floor and in day to day life.

I specialise in Coaching Gymnastics and Weightlifting, focussing first on developing range of motion and mobility around the required joints, then enhancing strength and stability, then applying both mobility and strength into executing efficient and correct technique for performance.

If you are looking for some 1-2-1 Help to begin your Crossfit & Health Journey or further your Crossfit ability, get in touch and I can't wait to help.

personal training with james

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"Crossfit has been a positive influence to me because instead of obsessing over faddy diets and a number on the scale I am focusing on what my body can achieve and nourishing myself with good nutrition. This has brought an effective, positive change to my body and mind.

With 2 children and a busy family life, functional fitness is more important than ever! This experience has awakened a whole new interest in me and I look forward to bringing knowledge of pre and post-partum fitness to Crossfit YO4 when I'm ready to join the team.

I love the camaraderie of the box environment, the intensity of the competitions and the benefits a healthier, happier me brings to my daily life. I cannot wait for the people of Pocklington to experience it themselves."




Creating this community over the past 5+ years has been an incredible experience and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

Our aim is to deliver workouts that are challenging, engaging but above all powerful on the path to all of your goals.

But it is the people, the atmosphere, the community that makes YO4 everything that it is and we want everyone to have an opportunity to experience that and to see what we are all uniquely capable of.

Can't wait to see you out there on the gym floor!

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the team

Mobile: 07961581151 or 07860535107
FaceBook: CrossFit YO4
Instagram: @crossfityo4
Address: Unit 2A Hampden Road, Pocklington Industrial Estate, YO421NR

Directions: From Pocklington - Pass through both roundabouts onto the main road of the industrial estate, travel close to 500 yards down that road, past Bonds (on your left) and turn left when having passed the brick buildings (before the trees on your right) it's left, then left again to bring you into the car park and we are in the far right corner - Big Sign!

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