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Welcome to Crossfit YO4, Pocklington's first and only Crossfit Affiliate.

In a world that makes health and fitness a challenge to everyone, we are here to carve out your path to a

Happier, Healthier & Stronger Lifestyle.

Each class is 60 minutes long and will challenge different skills every time you step in the gym. The work is constantly varied, the intensity is always high and the results are undeniable. This is the way to train in the modern world.

Workouts should not be done in solitude, they shouldn't feel like a chore. They can be done in a fun, high intensity and highly motivating environment that will take you to places you may never have thought possible.

Everyone's personal health & fitness journey has many ups and downs, but having others to work with and motivate you really does make all the difference. The Crossfit community is the best example of this in the world of health and fitness.

In no other type of gym can you train with a room full of people from all walks of life who not only give everything that they have to each workout, but will cheer and help you on to do the same. You are only ever competing with yourself, but the drive and determination of those around you will inspire and push you harder than ever before.

The question is not where you are right now, but rather where you want to be. As with anything in life, the key is choice. We want you to make the choice to become the best version of yourself and to not let anything get in your way when fighting to achieve your goals.

Whether you currently are inactive or even a professional athlete, the most important factors remain the same:

Nutrition - The basis for a healthy lifestyle and feeling great. Excellent Nutrition is a habit that can be learned and attained. Not only that you can eat incredible food everyday! No diets, just Real Food!

Movement - Everything comes down to movement. How do we move? How often do we move? What do we move? Now is the time to improve how you move to reap the rewards in and out of the gym.

Learning - Progress is inspired by achievement, no matter how small. Learn new skills, re-train your body & mind and redefine your capabilities. We should never stop learning and Crossfit is the embodiment of that - every skill we acquire in our workouts is directly beneficial to our everyday lives.

Coaching - It's a lonely path taking this on by yourself, not to mention the potential for 'useless' training that is a waste of your time. Motivation, inspiration and effectiveness through a genuine relationship with a coach is how change occurs and how change is sustained in life!

There are no secrets. There are correct and incorrect approaches. Make the right choice today and become a member of the Crossfit community.

Meet The YO4 Team


Owner, Head Coach & Athlete

Having been in CrossFit nearly 4 years, Michael has seen and experienced the hugely positive impact it can have on your health, fitness & nutrition but also on how you live everyday. Michael is also a professional golfer and the benefit of CrossFit to his game has been clear right from the start. Michael has been coaching CrossFit for the past 12 months and coaching golf for the past 4 years. He also loves to compete nationally in CrossFit events wherever possible and encourages you to discover all of this in your own lives with CrossFit YO4.


  • Crossfit Certified Trainer

  • L2 Fitness Instructor & L3 Personal Trainer 

  • L4 Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • British Weightlifting L1

  • PGA Professional Golfer 

  • Titelst Performance Institute TPI Certified Coach

  • National Coach L2


Owner, Coach & Athlete

"Crossfit has been a positive influence to me because instead of obsessing over faddy diets and a number on the scale I am focusing on what my body can achieve and nourishing myself with good nutrition. This has brought an effective, positive change to my body and mind.

I'm currently pregnant with our first child which means functional fitness is more important than ever! This experience has awakened a whole new interest in me and I look forward to bringing knowledge of pre and post-partum fitness to Crossfit YO4 when I'm ready to join the team.

I love the camaraderie of the box environment, the intensity of the competitions and the benefits a healthier, happier me brings to my daily life. I cannot wait for the people of Pocklington to experience it themselves."


  • L2 Fitness Instructor


Coach & Athlete

Chris, brother of Michael, is a high level CrossFit Athlete competing around the country as a Brand Ambassador for Evolve RX.

Chris operates at a high level and has a huge amount of knowledge about all things CrossFit so don't hesitate to sound him out for advice or help with anything in the gym.

Lookout for more competitions in 2018 and the YO4 community can come along and push him through.



Robyn is also a high level CrossFit Athlete competing around the company as a Brand Ambassador for Evolve RX.

Robyn has a huge background in sports and athletics as well as a keen eye on health and nutrition. This diversity has brought her to a very competitive level in CrossFit and again don't hesitate to seek out her help.

Lookout for more competitions in 2018 and the YO4 community can come along and push her on.

Crossfit YO4 - Pocklington - Est 2017 - Contact Michael or Jennifer on - 07860535107 - train@crossfityo4.com - Unit 2A Pocklington, York, YO421NR