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YO4 Members Stories - Laura's Journey

'My name is Laura. I am an olympic lifting, rope climbing, box jumping, paleo eating crossfitter, and this is my story.

I began treatment for depression in Jan 2017 shortly after my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I hid my symptoms from family and friends whilst she received her treatment, but after she died i had lost my reason to put on my brave face with fake smiles and entered a really dark time. I went through each endless day of monotony, struggling to find any joy in anything. I forced myself to go to work, but would have spent every day in bed if my husband would have let me.

Months went by and i had little inclination to do anything to try and make myself feel better, to spend time with people or to take pride in myself or anything i was doing. My husband firmly suggested i try CrossFit at YO4, i agreed to go purely to stop him talking about it! I look back now and see this as a HUGE turning point in my life. I am so grateful to Mark for persisting, and cant imagine where i would be now if i had never been to YO4.

It only took that first session for me to feel hope that i wouldn’t always feel that way and start to reawaken the old me. I started initially at the 6am classes 3 times a week, and met amazing, inspiring people that supported and encouraged each and every class.

I began to learn so many new skills and movements; completing heavier lifts than i ever thought imaginable. Over the months i increased my intensity and try to have at least 5 visits to the box each week. I feel that every aspect of my life, my health and my wellbeing has been positively influenced by YO4.

I feel more positive, have much more self belief and a higher self esteem than i think i have ever have had before. In addition to that i feel so privileged to be a part of the YO4 community. I feel so proud to wear an ‘athletes’ t-shirt, and felt like an Oscar winner being named member of the month. Throughout this journey has been the coaches who give 110% every day to patiently explain techniques, give you the self belief that you can Rx that WOD, you can muscle-up over that bar, or you can throw that wallball!

I don’t feel i can sufficiently put into words the quality of the coaches nor the impact they have had on me. 13 months on and I cant imagine life without CrossFit.

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