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Whole30 - What Next...

So, we are getting close enough to talk about then end! The end of Whole30 and what you all intend to do once the challenge is done. Here's some advice:

First of all it has been great to see so many of you not only taking on the challenge but also starting to pay attention to your food and your health a little more closely, understanding what is actually in the products you have and how your habits are just that, habits.

This change in mindset, application and hopefully well-being should show you whats possible and give you a clear mindset as to how you want to move forwards.

The key thing is to not just go crazy and eat all the stuff you cut out for a month in the first weekend back!! I'm sure this won't happen, but physiologically, it must be avoided. Its is likely that most of you will have been on some level of calibre deficit given the foods you have been cutting out, if you then go back into a consistent surplus, it can be one of the rare occasions your body can actually create new fat cells. In a normal scenario, this doesn't happen and your adipose tissue grows or shrinks in size due to what you're eating. However, coming from a deficit can mean your body gets all excited and actually creates new fat cells to store some of the additional calories in case you go back into a deficit. Again, I don't think too many of you have been, or will be, this extreme but it certainly something to think about.

Next is what to introduce back in?! This is individual, but I would get you all to think about how good you have felt without the things you want to add back in and therefore decide whether it really is a good idea.

The very simple overall view is that at least 75% of your food at any given time should be Whole30 anyway! Meat, fish, vegetables etc should make up the vast majority of your diet. Your consumption of dairy, grains, gluten, legumes, sugar etc should all be relative to your own personal digestion, training habits, goals and overall calorie intake.

There is no right and wrong as it really does come down to you on an individual level.

I would hope that you all have figured out during this time how things affect you and how necessary they are in your day to day lives. If you're just adding something back in because thats what you've always had, objectively decide whether thats a good choice or not, don't just go back to where you started.

We obviously encourage you to continue trying out new foods, checking out recipes and generally paying more attention to your food at all times! It can feel as though you 'don't have time' to eat well, but lets be honest, that just aint true! Not only can you cook and prepare good food in a short period of time, you will also gain that time and more back from feeling energised, happy and confident in what you eat as apposed to regretting that grab and go choice that made you feel awful!

We hope you've learned a lot, feel great and are feeling the benefits already.

But take this as more than just a 30 day challenge, view this as a possibility for change that could bring you health and performance for a lifestyle!

9 days to go, finish strong!

Team YO4

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