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workouts, fitness and more for you!

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classes 7 days a week!

A proven combination for better health and fitness?

Fun and Progress! This is what we build into every YO4 Class any why our Members love their gym!

As a CrossFit Facility, our focus is on Functional Fitness with free weights, strength, cardio, gymnastics and everything in between!

But our timetable is bigger and better than ever with Heat - Cardio based classes - and Functional Bodybuilding delivering unrivalled choice and proven results to everything we do!

Whatever your goals, whatever your current fitness level we are the place for you to progress!

Every workout is coached by the Team and will be scaled to your level to guarantee progress now and into the future as you get stronger, more resilient, fitter, healthier and happier!

This is what we do, this is what we are passionate about and we can't wait to be on your journey with you!



The original and everything we stand for!

CrossFit is high intensity, functional movement.

The class environment, the constant challenge of bettering yourself and the scalability for everyone in the class makes this unique fitness movement the most successful in the world.

We create and program all of our own workouts specifically to give our classes the best possible fitness experience every day!

You will work on all aspects of fitness from Strength to Gymnastics, high intensity to endurance and you will build muscle, burn fat and create an incredible level of health and fitness.

We encourage everyone to try this class for all of your health and fitness goals - This is CrossFit. This is YO4.


Simple, Cardio Based Classes that bring the HEAT!

Ready to jack your heart rate, push the cardio and work with movements anyone can do as soon as you walk through the door?

HEAT is the answer!

A unique combination of cardio, dumbbells, kettlebells and simple bodyweight exercises to give you an incredible, engaging workout, amazing results and in the most simple way possible.

Classes all the way through the week!


Barbell Club

Olympic Weightlifting and a YO4 Favourite!

Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Squats, Deadlifts...

If you love to use a Barbell, or want to learn how to use one, this is the class to get yourself into!

We focus specifically on these incredibly movements so you can lift efficiently, safely and get stronger than ever!

The transfer of these lifts to all other movements, other sports and your everyday movement capacity is incredible!

So come down, slam some barbells and become stronger than ever!

functional bodybuilding

Looking to build muscle, get lean and get fitter?!

Our new High Intensity Functional BodyBuilding classes are going to bring a whole new experience to YO4 and to the area itself.


Traditional BodyBuilding movements, think Bench Press, Pull Ups etc, matched with cardio, core work and everything you need to get shredded and build the body you want.


No more waiting around to hit your set or to use that bench, here we go high intensity, often interval style, to get more work done in less time for incredible results and a class that fits your lifestyle!


This ones going to be fun! 


timetable and class booking:

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