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how you start your yo4 journey


your first session is free!

it's easier than ever to get started!

We now offer every class at YO4 as a Free Taster Session!

This means you get the flexibility of our incredible timetable to suit your lifestyle, you get to be a part of our incredible community and you will absolutely experience the classes that have helped our members make so much progress.

all you have to do:

  • Choose your Class from the Timetable below.

  • Fill out your Details and enter code FREETASTER to complete the booking.

  • Get to the Gym and enjoy your first YO4 Class!

Want to have more confidence before you book?

Check out what our Members say about YO4 and remember they all started somewhere just like you!

what our members say:

noel b:

 “CrossFit Yo4 helped me become fitter than ever and I’ve made a ton of amazing friends along the way.”

alice k:

“ I’ve been going to gym classes since I was a teenager but YO4 is the only gym where everyone chats and encourages you. I was rubbish at sport at school, always the last to be picked for the netball team, but at YO4 I feel part of a community who is always improving, always striving to be better. And we have fun whilst doing it. The encouragement from the coaches and the YO4 community is amazing. I am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been and I wouldn’t be where I am now without you all “ 


“ Thanks to YO4 I've gained the fitness i need to run around and play with my kids... It's also a fantastic community!”


lucy i:

“ The workouts are always different, no thinking or programming required for your part, just turn up and then you’ve done the hard bit….well some of it! Once you get started the people are why you’ll stay, it’s the best thing I did for my own fitness and mental health but really the reason I go as often as I do is the community, it’s not a chore it’s seeing my friends and it being good for me is a bonus ”


“ The excellent coaching, the fantastic community, the electric atmosphere in the gym and the constantly varied and always challenging workouts are what keeps me coming back for more after 5 years at Team YO4! This isn't just a gym. It's far more than that. It's being part of something very special.”

helen s:

“ Fitness, friendships and community xx”


“I walk into CrossFit YO4 feeling included. I’ve made great friends. Varied amazing workouts. I walk out smiling, happy, fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been“

emma c:

“ Amazing for mental and physical fitness, a fab community of lovely people who always make you feel at home! Like having your own personal trainer every time you go to the gym but still with the support of your friends and peers (and awesome music)!!!”

abbie s:

“It’s a real strong community. It’s a place you walk out of with a huge smile. I love all you guys xxx“

alice r:

“The best thing I have ever done for my mental and physical health was joining YO4! As well as the workouts being super fun and so accessible for everyone, the people are incredible. I have never felt so supported anywhere, not just in fitness but in all aspects of life  It has also boosted my confidence so much just in the last year of being a member!!”

kelly c:

“ The YO4 family helped me understand the meaning of 'strong is beautiful'.”


are you ready?

So you're probably thinking that there is no way you're doing a pull up right?! Well you will, whatever level that is, you will complete one of our standards and immediately push through your own boundaries and give yourself a huge boost!

And if you can already do numerous pull ups but want a change? We have what you need to as you explore different skills like Kipping Pull Ups, Muscle Ups and more.

When you commit, there is unlimited progress and zero failure! That is why YO4 becomes a way of life for our Members...

You get the best workouts, with the best coaching and all structured to fit into your day so you have an hour you know you will enjoy, you know you will progress and you know you don't have to think. Just enjoy the process AND the results!

You'll also have the opportunity to spend some time with the people you now know pretty well, share thoughts, wins and more as well as take time with the coaches to really get into the elements that matter most to you!

So stop wasting time and try a Fitness program that doesn't allow you to fail, will see you actually enjoying exercise whilst making new friends and then shows you every class that you're making significant progress!

That is how you make the Gym different, that is how you put past failures behind you and start something new.

Something new is YO4 and we can't wait to get to work!

gift vouchers!

Digital or Custom printed Vouchers now available!

Get any of our Memberships, the Taster Pack or Class Packs to get someone started out on their fitness journey!

Contact us now with what you want, your personalised message and we will complete everything for you!

how to find us!

YO4 Functional Fitness, Unit 2A Hampden Road, Pocklington Industrial Estate YO42 1NR

Less than 1 Mile From Town Centre

Class times to suit your lifestyle

Pedestrian access & ample Parking

Merchandise & Drinks available

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time to write your own yo4 journey!

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free taster

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