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Cholesterol - It's time to change what you think you know!

High cholesterol causes heart disease right? Well no, not really.

Cholesterol has been painted as a villain in the world of nutrition, but a vast array of data shows this to be false! In fact dietary cholesterol, ie what you eat (tasty egg yolks!!) contain cholesterol but this has very little or no effect on your total cholesterol levels!

You body produces cholesterol naturally as it is an integral part of the body and your entire physiology. Without it you wouldn't be here right now! Cholesterol is vital for an optimally functioning brain and body. You may have heard of 'good cholesterol' - HDL or High Density Lipoprotein - and 'bad' cholesterol LDL or Low Density Lipoprotein - and you do indeed need a healthy balance of HDL and LDL. The issue with LDL is the type or health of LDL in your body - if they are looked after, they flow around your body freely and perform their duties. If you don't look after them, they become hard and small and its at this point they can then cause problems in your arteries.

So how do you look after your LDL? Reduce intake of refined carbohydrates - sugar being #1 - increase fibre consumption (vegetables!) put an end to a sedentary lifestyle, and reduce chronic stress - find something you enjoy and exercise!

If you're reading this you have some idea of how best to exercise and have a great time doing it ;)

A high carb diet that includes sugar, grains and processed foods is to be avoided at all costs - this drive inflammation, obesity and chronic disease.

Some simple lifestyle choices to get you started:

- Extra virgin olive oil is the most healthy oil in your diet, followed by coconut/avocado oil - get rid of any replacement oils like vegetable oil, soy bean oil, rapeseed oil as they could well be increasing inflammation, increasing risk of numerous diseases and even damaging your DNA!

- Make your own salad dressing to avoid high calorie and highly inflammatory consumer sauces - Try mixing wholegrain mustard, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and a small amount of natural honey!

- Reduce stress on the liver to allow you LDL to be healthy! Reduction of poor food choices, less alcohol and even intermittent fasting can be a great way to go about making these changes!

So, cholesterol is not to be avoided! You should be thankful for it and look after it as well as you can!

If you eat egg whites and throw away the egg yolks, you are a part of the problem not the cure my friend!

Enjoy food and create a healthy body and mind!

More to follow!

Michael YO4.

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