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Bank Holiday 12 Hour YO4 Celebration & Fundraiser

So August 27th is Bank Holiday Monday. It is also our Dad's birthday and our first one without him with us. We want to mark the occasion with a celebration of everything he was about and do something meaningful as well!

Our Dad is a huge inspiration in everything we do and its largely down to him that CrossFit YO4 exists! Not only for all the normal good stuff but also through the amazing work he put in to his health in some of the most difficult circumstances! We take that passion, drive and desire into everyday at the gym!

So on Bank Holiday myself and Chris will be taking on 12 hours of workouts and we want you to join us!

There will be a WOD on the hour every hour from 6am to 6pm. We will do it on the hour and you can join in with us or jump into the same workout, scaled or rx, straight after us!

You don't have to do all 12, you can :), but we just want everyone to join us throughout the day!

We will be posting some of the workouts up before the date and getting you to vote on which we do! So you can tell us the workout for once!!

We will be raising funds to go towards a defibrillator for the gym that will also be accessible to the wider area! Obviously we hope this will never need to be used but it can literally save lives and we want to continue in our pursuit of helping wherever we can!

There will be donations on the day, a raffle, baking (including prizes!), BBQ and a just giving page! There will be other challenges throughout the day and we will look to add as many cool things in there as possible We will also host a children's WOD with prizes for everyone who attends!

People from other gyms will likely be joining us so its a great chance to wod with some different people, plus we will be inviting down as many people for a day of fitness and fun as possible!

Our aim for the day is £1000 for the Defibrillator and any additional funds will be donated to Stroke Recovery!

Obviously we aim to have a great day of getting everyone together and celebrating everything our dad was all about! Food and good times with a little exercise as well!

We will need all the help we can get to work through the workouts although this is the second fundraiser we have done - a couple of years ago we completed a 100,000m row and raised close to £1300 for the stroke association. CrossFit Games got nothing on us...

We hope you can all join us and help us out wherever possible!

There will be details added daily as we aim to make this a huge day for all involved!

Appreciate your time and get yourselves ready for another great day at YO4 for the best of reasons!

And remember without him, CrossFit YO4 wouldn't exist!!


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