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More about Michael - YO4PT - A Local Personal Trainer with Global Skills!

Personal Training is about much more than making someone work harder than they normally would on their own, although thats a part of it! As a PT I look to create the optimal working relationship with each client to understand individual needs, desires and motivations as to best create a training program that is not only extremely effective but also enjoyable and stimulating.

My background is somewhat varied also! I have vast experience working on technical movements in a one-to-one scenario as a PGA Professional Golf Coach and this understanding of movement and peoples perceptions of instruction give me a fantastic position to train the body in a number of ways. I myself compete in CrossFit, but thats not to say thats how I want everyone to train. One of my biggest motivating factors was the time I spent working with my Dad after he suffered a severe stroke, this level of intensity was entirely different to myself but the changes were drastic and also so meaningful. The ability to change movement, improve your physical control and balance as well as make you as fit and as strong as you want to be is exactly what I want to achieve with anyone who is ready to put in the work.

This has lead to me offering the most complete and holistic coaching package you're likely to find, with each client working through:

- Rehabilitation, movement quality, posture and flexibility.

- Strength training, fitness, power and endurance.

- Technical training with highly demanding movements like the snatch, muscle ups and pull-ups etc.

- Nutritional and lifestyle advice, planning and coaching.

Understanding that nutrition is the key to life itself, as well as your fitness level, is a huge step to take and then to find the right information and plan for yourself can be extremely difficult. By understanding your environment, needs and the effect the foods you choose have on your body you can hugely impact every aspect of your life!

From there we can take your training to wherever you want to go! From young to old, experience to beginner we can work together to create a truly rewarding fitness program that can create a lifetime of good habits, health and fitness!

We have a limited amount of space for new PT clients so please don't hesitate to ask for availability or for more details.

My qualifications are currently CrossFit L1 Trainer, L3 PT, L4 Strength & Conditioning Coach, L1 British Weightlifting Coach, PGA Professional Golfer and a UK Sport L2 Coach - My learning continues and nutrition is of huge interest with a host of knowledge that will be coming to the blog and your training soon!

We are at CrossFit YO4 on Pocklington Industrial Estate and have the areas fastest grown fitness community!

Take the chance to do something that could truly change your life and Redefine Who You Are!

For a limited time only you can now get your first PT session and a full nutritional assessment for only £40 - saving £25!

We want to help educate, inspire and change as many people as possible...

Who's up first...

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