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CrossFit Games - The Open and You!

Morning Team YO4,

You may have heard talk of the CrossFit Games Open and if you're wondering what its all about its time to get involved!

The Open is a worldwide competition and everyone is encouraged to be a part of it.

5 weeks in a row, 1 Workout per Week, CrossFit HQ releases the Open Workouts - and they're for everyone!

Running from Friday Morning through Sunday night, everyone has as many attempts as they want to submit their best score. There are both RX and Scaled divisions and there will literally be hundreds of thousands of people worldwide all doing the same workout - its the largest organised sporting event in the world and awesome to be a part of it!

Now you may think its too early in your CrossFit Careers to be entering into this, but you may be missing the point... Its not that we are trying to win the Open, its the amazing atmosphere and achievements it can bring to you individually and the gym as a whole!

Every year countless people surprise themselves with what they have done with the added intensity of the open and we hope thats you this year!

We will be running the open workouts at YO4 every Friday and its your choice whether you sign up to the event online! We certainly will be! There are worldwide leaderboards, national and one for our gym too!

Check out more details here, , and listen out for more help and advice from the YO4 team in the near future.

We'll all have a great time getting involved!

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