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Founding memberships & Special Offers @ YO4

We are here to help change your life! We are here to help you with whatever your personal goals or challenges and we believe in everything we do. CrossFit can literally change your life in so many ways.

This is fitness but not as you know it! Functional Movement, High Intensity all in the motivating and inspiring community environment!

Every workout is scalable - which means you will be able to do every workout we post no matter where you currently stand physically! This is the beauty of CrossFit and we want you to stand side by side with someone from an entirely different background, work hard, sweat and enjoy the experience!

Starting out we will have a limited number of founding memberships and beginners courses.

For the first 50 members there will be the following special offers:

Beginners course

A 2 hour course learning all of the most important movements to ensure you are working safely and efficiently during our daily workouts! Go over the Deadlift, Squat, Pull Ups, Push Ups, Olympic Lifts and more. This can be done in a 2 Hour sessions or 2 separate one hour sessions to help suite your lifestyle! This then also includes 2 weeks of Unlimited YO4 Membership to allow you to fully experience the CrossFit Community and all we have to offer!

Founding Members

Again our first 50 members will be our ' Founding Members ' which will mean you are entitled to our memberships at the special prices of:

Unlimited - £50 for the first 6 Months instead o £60

Lifestyle - 3 Times a week for £40 instead of £50

This is a great time to become a part of the YO4 community!

Remember all new members must go through the beginners course before going into the full YO4 membership!

There will also be free tasters everyday with more details to follow!

Choose to make a serious change you your health and fitness, Choose CrossFit YO4!

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