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Forging Elite Fitness

Redefine Who
You Are

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CrossFit #YO4 Functional Fitness & Training in Pocklington, England

what is crossfit yo4?


High Intensity

All our workouts are done at high intensity whether 2 minutes long or 40!

This intensity helps us to see big gains in strength and fitness - Fast!

Constantly Varied

Combining different skills & challenges over constantly varied periods of time. We don't want routine in your training, Every day is Different!

Community Based

The CrossFity community makes a huge difference to your progress.

Motivate, Encourage, Socialise & Develop Together. 

Broad & Inclusive

This is for Everyone.

We do not specialise and the stimulus is designed to benefit each individual.

We are all on the same Path!

Functional Movement

All movements benefit how we move everyday. 

Move the largest load the greatest distance and maximise your output.

Quality Coaching

Every WOD, every Movement & every class is coached by one of our Experienced Crossfit Coaches.

Your Learning & Progress Never Ends.

Our Facility


We are more than just a gym.

We are here to inspire, to develop and to discover new possibilities.

Our dedicated coaches encourage & educate you along the path to a new level of Health & Fitness.

This is for Everyone - Choose today to Redefine Who You Are.

 Become a Part of the CrossFit YO4 Community. 

Unit 2A Hampden Road,


Affiliated Crossfit Facility

Less than 1 Mile From Town Centre

Class times to suit your lifestyle

Pedestrian access & ample Parking

Merchandise & Drinks available