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Member's Stories #CROSSFITYO4

CrossFit #YO4 Functional Fitness & Personal Training in Pocklington, England

Hear some of the Incredible Stories of our Community here at CrossFit YO4

"Been at CrossfitYO4 now for 7 months and wow what an amazing journey it is taking  me on! I joined Crossfit with no exercise background, hated the thought of running, said ‘I couldn’t run!’ Thought the weightlifting was mainly for men, how wrong was I!! After 4 months I ran 2miles and my favourite part of Crossfit is weightlifting and achieving new personal bests! 

Crossfit is now a big part of my life, it’s not just a gym it’s a fantastic community and everyone encourages and support each other. Micheal is a fantastic coach, I can not recommend him enough!! I’ve recently had a injury to my leg and he has adapted the workouts and is helping me get through it. No matter your ability or fitness you can still be apart of Crossfit. 
I use to suffer with health issues before starting which had to be medicated, I can honestly say if I hadn’t joined I would still be on them, but after a few months I was off all medication. 

I can’t wait to start learning more and seeing more progression, hopefully start entering some competition in the new year.

Thankyou Michael and everybody at CrossfitYO4"



"I joined CrossFit in April after a 3 year period with a back injury. Due to chronic pain and lowered mood I took anti-depressants. I was nervous about going CrossFit and if the injury would become worse meaning that I couldn't do what others could and that I would be laughed at for being so unfit. I visited for a free taster and met Michael, he was attentive, approachable, realistic & encouraging in how CrossFit could help me. I did one session and although it was harder than I expected I really enjoyed the class, the encouragement and motivation and the option to always scale the movements to my skill and fitness level. the CrossFit Community is amazing all striving for the same thing. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming and when you feel like you have nothing left to give they are there to motivate and get you through to the end! I started by going to 1 session a week and thought how am I ever gonna do this more, but I stuck with it and trained hard. I now go 3 times a week and absolutely love the atmosphere and community - no day is ever the same. I have changed how I think, my approach to food and nutrition and my overall mood has improved. I feel so good after a workout I no longer take medication. I have increased my core strength so much, my posture has improved and my physical appearance has changed unbelievably in a 3 month period. my posture and core being stronger has also helped in day to day tasks and activities and also alleviates pressure from my lower back. I took part in the first in-house competition and was amazed by how I managed and performed. if this is waht I have achieved in 3 short months so can others. everyone at the box is so friendly it worth a try at any or any level. I cannot thank Team YO4 enough for the creating this gym and this community. I am now addicted to consistently pushing myself and the high you get form finishing is like nothing else. I would not be where I am today without the coaches and the community and will do this for as long as I am physically capable!!"




So I moved to the area 7 years ago and met Micheal and his brother Chris in their previous jobs; both are great lads and very approachable! 


I followed the progress of of YO4 via Facebook and saw how well it took off. I knew of friends who had also joined other CrossFit boxes in North Yorkshire and loved the new lifestyle it gave them. 


So in April this year I decided to take the plunge and opt for a different approach to fitness and hopefully change my body shape but most importantly my attitude to being fit and healthy. 


I tell you some thing, walking into a box for the first time with physically fit althletes is the most intimidating thing! But guess what... EVERY one was welcoming, supportive and wanted nothing more but to help me succeed. 


3 months down the line, with lots of bruises, laughter, embarrassment, tears and tantrums, ups and downs, I have In my opinion vastly improved my posture, lifting techniques, knowledge of CrossFit and performance! 


Although I’m not at RX level (hard core level ) I try to lift a little more each week and can definitely feel the difference in my strength but most of all on my confidence. 


Micheal and Jen are always there to give critique in such a way that it makes you dig deep and push a little harder to complete them mighty WODS (daily work outs) but it’s worth it when you get a great compliment from your coach and they tell you how much you have progressed... it’s a proud moment!! 


I hated the gym and I have tried so many diets and silly routines. I found working out In a bog standard gym to be lonely and unmotivating... I would often just give up and go home.


At YO4 I have made great friends with people from all backgrounds and ages. I feel I have known them for years. We push each other, pick each other up when it gets hard and celebrate when we reach our goals. 


I even ended up as June’s athlete of the month!! 


Now if that’s not recognition and motivation  I don’t know what is! 


It’s one of the best decisions I made. I actually look forward to my three classes a week! 

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