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CrossFit YO4: Choose Health 


It's Time for You to Choose Health!


Our Project. One Community. A New Health Culture.


Our CrossFit Yo4 Community Health Projects are for anyone looking to drastically change their lives for the better through Health, Fitness & Nutrition.


We aim to motivate, educate and inspire through a combination of interactive health, fitness and nutrition materials, community based fitness activities and a varied approach to education that is not only accessible to all, but also applicable to all.

Our country is becoming increasingly sedentary and combining it with a terrible diet that is sending us, and the world in general, towards a full blown crisis. This deadly combination is the perfect storm for chronic disease, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease to name a couple. 

CrossFit may be the optimal solution to this ever growing problem. Through functional movement performed at high intensity, relative to every individual, and a natural diet consisting of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit little starch and no sugar you really can get to the root cause of many of these ills immediately! This isn't to say the healing process won't be a long, hard road but with support, education and a desire to choose health you can change your life.

To help you make that choice we bring you the CrossFit YO4 Community Health Projects

We now have 3 classes per week that will focus directly on changing sedentary habits and making informed nutritional choices.

These sessions will be all CrossFit but at a level suited to those of us who are looking to take the first genuine steps towards change and a healthier life.


Each 1 hour class will include 3 workouts of between 2 - 10 minutes working through the foundational CrossFit Movements - Squats, Presses, Lunges etc - and during rest periods we will discuss nutritional information, lifestyle changes and the effect on the body and mind. Participants will be encouraged to log food intake and at no additional cost discuss this directly with Michael and the YO4 Team.

Classes will be £10 per person and can be booked online - again this is designed to be the most basic and necessary form of CrossFit that inspires the biggest changes!

Further to this we will also be looking for volunteers and referrals for a 12 week pilot program designed to show the value of CrossFit and its effect on your health.

How does the 12 week program work:


- Initial health checks with NHS including BMI, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose.

- Physical assessments made through balance, respiratory tests and cognitive function.

- 2 Free Classes Per Week covering all aspects of fitness - strength, endurance, balance and more.

- Nutritional Planning, coaching & tracking to highlight how your food can literally change the entire structure of your body.

- Lifestyle coaching & motivation to ensure this isn't a short term fad, but rather a true lifestyle change.


- Lose weight & find a natural, healthy balance for your body and mind.

- Reduce risk of chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart attack, Stroke, Cancers and Dementia etc.

- Improve your quality of life in more ways than you can imagine and have a great time doing it!


- Group classes for motivation, enjoyment & friendship - the social aspect makes a huge difference when trying to make a change!

- Clear, life changing achievements & changes that you will see and we will record! we want to show everyone just how possible this is.


In the early stages of the project we will:


  • 2 free 1 hour fitness classes per week for suitable individuals within the community.

  • Measurements and metrics taken upon the commencement of training to display progress and efficacy of training and lifestyle changes.

  • Provide consistent, understandable guidance to all things relating to health and fitness through social media, local events and other pathways.

  • Host open fitness festivals uniquely designed to inspire and motivate each individual regardless of their current physical and mental health.

  • Give opportunities for all demographics to participate together and create a community of shared interest, responsibility and enjoyment.

  • Work with local authorities to deliver community activities, seminars and workshops.

  • Engage and empower people young to old to make positive changes to all aspects of their lives.


We are here to empower a cultural shift towards happiness, freedom, self-confidence and physical capacity. Our long term project goals are:


  • A new level of education and enthusiasm for the way we live our day-to-day lives.

  • Empowering individuals, communities and society as a whole to move towards a healthier, more natural diet and increase all forms of activities and exercise through fun, inclusive new projects.

  • Giving individuals role models to which they can aspire and relate to boosting the chances of positive change and increased motivation.

  • Fully inclusive, constantly varied functional fitness festivals made available to all.

  • Lifestyle choices rather than dietary guidelines that are easier to understand and implement for you and your family based on the latest science and proven theories.

  • Make health and fitness available to all, including lower income areas traditionally overlooked.

  • Consistency in application leading to a genuine long-term change in habits and health.

  • Reduction of stress, illness and dependence on exterior services and medication.

  • Creation of a positive and social community through events, sponsorship and project planning.

  • A genuine source of nutritional, health and fitness information that is delivered through lifestyle planning, good choices and the empowerment of the individual as apposed to divisive guidelines.

  • Creating opportunities for a new culture of health, wellness and achievement through personal self-confidence, external and internal success and a supportive infrastructure.

  • A drastic reduction in expenditure to local and national services.

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