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You Are

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Have you experienced the best Workouts in Pocklington?

We are more than just a gym.

We are here to inspire, to develop and discover new possibilities.

Our dedicated coaches encourage & train you along the path to a new level of Health & Fitness.

This is for Everyone - Choose today to Redefine Who You Are.

 Become a Part of the YO4 Fitness Community.

From CrossFit to Cardio, Bodybuilding to Barbells we have the workouts you need to smash your Goals!

Ready to get started? You can Book a Free Taster right here:

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Who are we? A local, independently owned gym and Pocklington's first CrossFit Affiliate! Approaching the end of our 5th year and we want to impact the local area more than ever and we have what you need to succeed!


In a world that makes health and fitness a challenge to everyone, we are here to carve out your path to a

Happier, Healthier & Stronger Lifestyle.

Each class is 60 minutes long and will challenge different skills every time you step in the gym. The work is constantly varied, the intensity is always high and the results are undeniable. This is the way to train in the modern world.

Workouts should not be done in solitude, they shouldn't feel like a chore. They can be done in a fun, high intensity and highly motivating environment that will take you to places you may never have thought possible.

With our new timetable, you can get a class to suite your lifestyle as well as the type of fitness you enjoy most!


For Health. For Fitness. For You. 

how to find us!

YO4 Functional Fitness, Unit 2A Hampden Road, Pocklington Industrial Estate YO42 1NR

Less than 1 Mile From Town Centre

Class times to suit your lifestyle

Pedestrian access & ample Parking

Merchandise & Drinks available

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be you, the real you.


Everyone's personal health & fitness journey has many ups and downs, but having others to work with and motivate you really does make all the difference.


The YO4 community is living proof and we can't wait for you to experience it! Our members are of all ages and all backgrounds but all here with the same goal, to improve yourself.

In no other type of gym can you train with a room full of people from all walks of life who not only give everything that they have to each workout, but will cheer and help you on to do the same. You are only ever competing with yourself, but the drive and determination of those around you will inspire and push you harder than ever before.

The question is not where you are right now, but rather where you want to be. As with anything in life, the key is choice. We want you to make the choice to become the best version of yourself and to not let anything get in your way when fighting to achieve your goals.

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give yourself a lift,
join now!

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free taster

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